Top 10 vegan things you don’t have to buy online any more (if you live in Sheffield!)

We at The Incredible Nutshell are on a mission to bring you the best and most exciting vegan food products, especially all the stuff you can’t find in the supermarket, you usually have to buy online, or that ingredient you’ve just seen in your new vegan recipe book and aren’t quite sure what it actually is…

Here is a selection of the most popular vegan ingredients, chocolates and treats that you can get from us.  (Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram feeds to see the others! Also see our location page to find out where we are in real life.)

1. Vego bars

Giant. Hazelnut. Chocolate. Bars.  They’re made from hazelnut paste so they’re light and creamy like a ‘milk’ chocolate, but are milk-free!  There are also ‘mini’ versions which are slightly less giant, because be warned, it’s very difficult to just have one piece…


We also have their new Vegolino individually-wrapped, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates.


2. Nutritional Yeast


Or ‘nooch’, as you may have seen it referred to.  Magic ingredient in ‘cheese’ sauces, essential condiment to sprinkle onto pasta, chilli, jacket potatoes and anything else you can sprinkle things onto, and as a bonus, it’s full of healthy vitamins too! 20 great ways to use nutritional yeast

3.  Vegan squirty cream (and whipping cream)

vegan squirty cream

Vegan squirty cream is a Thing, and we’ve got it!  Plus soya, rice and coconut-based whipping creams for all your vegan trifle needs.

whip cream

4. The VeganEgg


Yep, this long-awaited vegan miracle product from US has now reached the UK… and Sheffield!  Unlike any other ‘egg replacement powders’, this one takes on the right texture to make actual vegan scrambled eggs and omelettes.  And quiche filling, and egg fried rice, and Yorkshire puddings…

5. Round Ups

round ups

It’s hard to describe just what exactly a Round Up is, so here’s a photo.


It’s handmade vegan marshmallow, and jam, sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits, which are then coated in chocolate, and it tastes amazing.  Plus it counts as a local food, because although they’ve been spotted in vegan/veggie shops in London, Brighton, etc., the people who make them are just down the road from us in Dronfield.

6. Vital Wheat Gluten


The vital (sorry) ingredient for making seitan: amazingly versatile stuff that can be used to make all kinds of meat alternatives.  Sausages, kebabs, burgers, ribs, chorizo, steaks… pretty much anything you can think of!  Search for ‘seitan recipes’ or have a look at VegKitchen’s seitan page for some ideas to get you started.

7. Those little soya milk pots you saw on the train once

soya pots

How many times have you had to make do with black tea when you’re out and about, or ended up lugging a whole carton of soya milk around with you only to throw most of it away because you had no fridge to store it in?  Ever thought, wouldn’t it be great if they did soya milk versions of those little UHT cartons you get in hotel rooms?  Well, now they do.  And we’ve got them, for 10p each.  No more black tea!

8. Vegan ‘mars’, twix’, ‘snickers’ & ‘bounty’-style bars


US company GoMaxGo make some amazing chocolate bars, of the variety you probably thought you’d have to ‘give up’ to go vegan.  If the words Twilight, 2-fer, Jokerz or Mahalo mean anything to you, get yourself over here!  If they don’t, yet, get yourself over here to try some. 🙂

9. Vegan cheese and onion flavour and chicken soup flavour crisps

10 acre

Ten Acre Crisps.  ‘Nuff said.

10. Jackfruit

jackfruit tins

The secret ingredient of veggie ‘pulled pork’.  Bake or fry it and use it in sandwiches, chilli, curry, tacos, ‘tuna’ melts… Search for ‘jackfruit recipes’ or have a look at these suggestions from One Green Planet and VegNews.  (It’s the savoury jackfruit you need for cooking with, not the sweet one.  This is it.)

Are there any other vegan products you normally buy online that you’d like us to stock?  Let us know!

Also, I know I said things that ‘you don’t have to buy off the internet’… but if you’re in or near Sheffield and would like to sign up for online ordering and home deliveries (coming soon…), fill in your details here.