About us – Vegan Sheffield’s shopping destination!

Meet the people and learn the story behind the shop front!

What we do

The Incredible Nutshell is an independent vegan-run grocery shop located in Heeley, Sheffield, UK. The shop is Sheffield’s first and (as yet) only 100% vegan food shop.

As well as stocking various everyday groceries, we make it our mission to seek out the new, exciting, harder-to-find and best-tasting vegan food products and collect them all together in our shop. If there’s a vegan recipe ingredient you can’t find or a product you normally have to buy online, we probably have it!

We also hope that our shop makes it easier and more enjoyable for people to become and stay vegan, or try out more vegan foods. We’re the only food shop in Sheffield where you don’t have to read the labels to work out what’s vegan!

The shop’s owners and staff are vegan ourselves, so we’re happy to chat about vegan food, cooking, eating out in the local area, or anything else to do with vegan living and answer any questions you may have.

We were awarded the prize for Best Vegan Shop in the UK Vegan Awards 2016 (the photo above shows Ian and Charley receiving our award from the great vegan athlete and animal sanctuary owner Fiona Oakes).

The people

The Incredible Nutshell (formerly ‘In a Nutshell’) has existed as a vegetarian food shop since, we believe, the mid 1980s. In April 2015 the shop was bought by local vegan couple Charley and Ian, and became Sheffield’s first vegan shop at the end of 2015.

Charley is the shop manager, and Ian is in charge of all things finance and IT-related alongside his own day job. Charley’s previous jobs include working as a library assistant for Sheffield Libraries, and as an Information Officer for The Vegan Society.  Joe, Jez and Jo are our regular members of staff.

We are very happy to have the support of both the vegan community of Sheffield (and beyond!) who travel over to shop with us, and local residents who visit us as part of their grocery shopping.

Vegan Sheffield

For more information on all things vegan in Sheffield, we recommend the Sheffield Vegans and Vegetarians Facebook group and the Being Vegan in Sheffield crowdsourced Google Map.