Covid-Secure safety measures

Summary of safety measures taken to protect customers and staff

I have closely followed the Government’s Covid-Secure guidance to make the shop as safe as possible for customers and staff.

I will help protect you by:

  • Keeping the doors open whenever possible to increase airflow
  • Wearing a face covering 
  • Keeping my hands clean
  • Using hand sanitiser or washing my hands between serving each customer
  • Cleaning touch points frequently throughout the day (e.g. baskets, fridge/freezer handles, card pin pad)
  • Cleaning other surfaces regularly
  • Staying behind the protective screen at the counter while there are customers in the shop
  • Unpacking deliveries and restocking shelves outside of opening hours to enable physical distancing between myself and customers
  • Providing hand sanitiser for customers to use

I ask customers to help protect each other and me by:

  • Observing the social distancing capacity limits:

    Two customers (or households*) in the shop at a time if everyone is wearing a face covering, or
    One customer (or household*)
    if not wearing a face covering

This limit is necessary to comply with the Government guidelines because the shop is not wide enough to enable 2 metre social distancing (which is still required when no other mitigations are in place).
Two separate customers both wearing face coverings are able to keep 1 metre apart if they are careful to maintain a safe distance from each other.

  • Wearing a face covering if you are able to
  • Using hand sanitiser on your way in (provided, or bring your own if you prefer)

*If you need to bring an assistant with you to help you shop for accessibility reasons, we will consider that you both count as ‘one household’.
We also recognise that for medical reasons not everyone is able to wear a face covering, and will rely on everyone who is able to wear one to choose to wear one.

While you shop, please also:

  • Maintain a safe distance (at least 1m) if another customer is in the shop
  • Only touch what you’re interested in buying if possible
  • Pay by contactless or card whenever possible

View our full risk assessment here (pdf)

This version published 19th July 2020