Vegan Christmas presents, Christmas Roasts & fancy vegan cheeseboard cheeses!

If you’re looking for vegan Christmas presents or vegan Christmas dinner options in Sheffield – take a look at what we’ve got for you this year!

Vegan Christmas presents

Good news if you’re shopping for a vegan friend or relative: everything we sell is suitable for vegans, so you don’t have to read all the labels and you can’t accidentally get the wrong thing! We’ve got a wide range of chocolate, wines, loose-leaf teas, local jams & chutneys, nice soaps & shampoo bars, chocolate, body wash & lotion, bamboo socks… and did I mention chocolate?

Plus we have Incredible Nutshell gift vouchers available (in £10 or £25). If you don’t live in or near Sheffield but a vegan in your life does, we can even post the vouchers to them for you.

Vegan Christmas Dinner Roasts

We’ve got a number of tried and tested favourites to choose from this year for your vegan Christmas Dinner centrepiece!

Tofurky Roast with stuffing centre and herb gravy (£11.55)
Vegusto No Moo Vegi-Roast filled with melty cheese (£11.99)
Vegusto Porcini Mushroom Vegi-Roast (£9.49)
Vegusto Rustic Vegi-Roast with mixed herbs & spices (£9.99)
VBites Celebration Roast: includes Turkey-style Roast, pigs in blankets and gravy (£5.89)
VBites Turkey-style Roast (£4.89)
Fry’s Soy & Quinoa Roast: Meatloaf-style roast seasoned with mixed herbs (£5.20)

Plus we have a whole load of other vegan Christmas Dinner essentials such as vegan sausages and bacon for your pigs in blankets, vegan prawns and Marie Rose sauce for a vegan prawn cocktail starter, stuffing, gravy mix, cream, ice cream and custard to go with dessert, and even most of the ingredients for a homemade vegan trifle!

Vegan cheeseboard cheeses

The variety and quality of handmade vegan cheeses this year is completely off the scale! To celebrate this, we’ve planned our biggest ever vegan cheeseboard cheese offering in the run up to this Christmas, including some established favourites, some locally-made products and several new brands.

This year’s cheeseboard menu features handmade cheeses from Mouse’s Favourite, Food by Sumear, Tyne Chease, Honestly Tasty, No Whey, Hard Times Vegan, Vegusto and Soul Cheeze! There’s a choice of camemberts, blue cheese, classic garlic and smoked cheeses and lots more.

Plus they’re all made by vegan sole producers or small businesses, so as well as enjoying great food, your purchases support small vegan traders and the development of even more outstanding cheeses!

As many of these cheeses are fresh products, some only have a shelf life of a couple of weeks. This means some varieties will be arriving with us around the 16th-17th December to make sure they’re in date on Christmas Day.

If you’d like to pre-order your favourites for collection from the shop, please drop us a private message on Facebook or Instagram or email